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Gino and his wife Tullia arrived in Montebello.


The Alce Nero Cooperative was founded.


The first organic store was opened in Urbino.


The Cooperative began to sell its first Italian 100% whole-wheat flour and pasta.


In Isola del Piano, where Gino Girolomoni was the mayor, the first organic farming course of national importance, financed by public bodies, was held.


AMAB – Associazione Marchigiana Agricoltura Biologica (Marche Organic Farming Association) was born.


Inauguration of the pasta factory and organic store in Fossombrone.


Inauguration of our Locanda. Here it is possible to taste the organic products of the farm.


Launch of the ancient grain “Triticum Dicoccum” emmer pasta.


Launch of the magazine Mediterraneo Dossier, to spread Gino’s thoughts and actions.


The cultural foundation (now Girolomoni Foundation) was established.


Launch of the ancient grain Graziella Ra – Khorasan and Senatore Cappelli pasta.


Installation of photovoltaic panels (810 sq m) on the roof of the new building. Thus began the journey towards energy self-sufficiency for a lower environmental impact.


We suddenly lose our Gino Girolomoni.


The Cooperative changed its name, in honor of Gino, and became Gino Girolomoni Agricultural Cooperative. The new brand Girolomoni is launched at Sana organic exhibition in Bologna.


The commitment to a smaller ecological footprint continues with the installation of a biomass boiler, wood chips from local virgin wood, to speed up the pasta drying process.


Inauguration of our organic flour mill.


Our organic pasta factory continues to grow. Opening of our new warehouse in Fossombrone for logistics and shipping.


We celebrated the 50-year milestone in Montebello, Marche, with a new image and more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.

spettacolo teatrale di Guido Cenoretti

Theatrical show in Montebello – “Teatro dei Sensibili” by Guido Ceronetti

First course in Organic Agriculture funded by public bodies


Organic farming is the result of the “utopia” of a few visionary pioneers who noticed the need for a radical change in agriculture.

The birth of organic farming in Italy

Thanks to the awareness of Gino Girolomoni, we are among them. Gino Girolomoni was one of the pioneers of organic farming in Italy. Already in the ‘70s he understood the risks inherent to intensive agriculture with regard to health and sustainability:

  • Water, soil and air pollution;
  • Significant losses of biodiversity and typicality of the landscape.

It is only in the ’90s that the legislation recognizing the organic sector was introduced and organic food began to spread on the market.

Today the organic sector is experiencing a new phase, which has led it out of the
“niche”, bringing it closer to mainstream consumption.


Organic whole wheat pasta

We were the first in Italy to produce pasta with 100% wholemeal flour, not by adding bran but by grinding the whole grain of wheat. Whole wheat pasta, as well as the grain of the whole cereal from which it derives, brings numerous and fundamental health benefits thanks to the presence of polyphenols, soluble fibres, insoluble fibres, antioxidants, essential fat acids, vitamins and minerals. This choice led to the seizure of our organic pasta

for “dealing and possession of whole wheat pasta” for 17 years, because it contained a quantity of bran parts above the parameters attributed to pasta according to Law 580 of 1967. Our battles have continued and have contributed to changing the laws in force. Finally, since the ‘90s, organic pasta has had European regulations and certification, and whole wheat pasta is recognised and appreciated.

disegni di diversi formati di pasta

From ancient grains to new seeds for organic farming

We have reintroduced in organic cultivation the seeds of ancient grains:

  • To protect biodiversity and preserve the genetic heritage of the crop
  • For their adaptation to the high hills of the Marche region and to the organic farming method
  • For their nutritional value

We are also participating in the “Sowing the future” project for varietal genetic research in collaboration with EcorNaturaSì, the Free Rudolf Steiner Foundation and the Swiss foundation Fonds für Kulturpflanzen-Entwicklung led by geneticist Peter Kunz. The aim is to develop new seed varieties suitable for organic growing methods.

dettaglio spiga di grano



Gino Girolomoni founded the Alce Nero cooperative. The brand chosen to represent the first Italian organic company is represented by Alce Nero (Black Elk), shaman and chief of the Sioux Oglala tribe of Native Americans, riding “against the tide”, spreading his message of freedom and love for the land.


Our Cooperative and Conapi founded Mediterrabio, a company distributing our products and Mielizia branded products.


Coop Fond also joined Mediterrabio as a financing partner.


Our Cooperative leaves Mediterrabio and the Alce Nero brand is sold.


Our organic farming cooperative was given a new brand, inspired by the place where it all began: the monastery of Montebello, in the Marche region.


The name Girolomoni completely replaced the chief of the Sioux Oglala and the Montebello brand: the Native American chief design was changed to Gino Girolomoni, who in life was able to gallop with all the breath he had in his body, to promote organic farming in Italy, to tell a story of ecological rebirth and to sell his organic products.

monastero dall'alto è logo girolomoni
foto primo piano di Gino
mani nella terra "dignità alla terra"

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