Ground roasted coffee


Organic method

Pack of: 250 gr

Organic coffee blend roasted and ground for moka

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From a friendship and sharing project

Our friendship with Bishop Pierre Antoine Paulo of Haiti led us to a collaboration on a coffee project. Since we did not have experience in that field, the collaboration with Mario Pascucci, a historic coffee roaster in our area, was born.

The project in Haiti did not go as we had hoped, but Mario Pascucci’s commitment to organic and fair trade has continued and thus we continue to offer the coffee born from this friendship.

Aroma and Flavour

The aromatic acidity of the washed Arabica beans slightly dominates over everything. This is a primitive, sweet, delicately rough coffee with a very fresh aroma and a dark aftertaste.

Made of natural and washed coffees, it boasts fruity notes of apricot avocado and green almonds.

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